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About - Community Reinvestment Foundation


Recognized Opportunity

In 1992, two missions-driven real estate developers leveraged a new housing program to merge their business acumen with their passion for global missions. At the time, the federal government was incentivizing nonprofits to step into the country’s aging affordable housing inventory, and that gave these creative, mission-minded leaders the exact opportunity they were looking for. CRF was born.



Over the past two-plus decades, CRF has purchased, rehabbed, and built over 2,200 affordable apartment units across Indiana and Ohio. Those efforts have not only resulted in the preservation and provision of affordable housing for thousands who need it, but have also generated opportunities to help to build schools, orphanages, and churches all over the world.

We constantly seek new ways to grow our business base, creating even more sustainable revenue streams that will continue to impact people both locally and around the world.

Board of Directors

Dave Cooper

President and Chairman of Community Reinvestment Foundation, Inc.

Tim Shrout

Cofounder of Community Reinvestment Foundation, Inc.
President of Samaritan Companies
President of Cedar Run Limited

Tim Paino

Owner of HouseMaster
Partner at Legacy Property Management

Meet the Team

We are passionate. We are committed. We love reinvesting in individuals, families, and communities.

  • Dave Cooper
    Dave Cooper President

    Dave has been a serial entrepreneur his entire life, starting all kinds of businesses ranging from nursing homes to upscale restaurants. His extensive business experience and love for global missions led to the founding of CRF in 1992.

  • Erik Cooper
    Erik Cooper Vice President

    Erik began his career in the business world before taking a 12 year detour into full-time pastoral ministry. His role at CRF is the perfect blend of both business and ministerial leadership as he guides this missional company into its next generation of impact.

  • Dwayne Shaw
    Dwayne Shaw Executive Director

    Dwayne is a walking wikipedia of affordable housing, holding more certifications than we have space to list here. An invaluable leader in the growth of CRF, he also lends a hand as a board member for several other housing associations.

  • Sydenia Goodner
    Sydenia Goodner Regional Property Manager

    Sydenia brings 30 years of experience to our housing team, having held positions with some of Indiana’s most reputable management companies. She takes an unusual pride in her work, and that characteristic is reflected in all of our properties.

    • Rex Whitmer
      Rex Whitmer Regional Maintenance Manager

      Rex came to CRF with extensive entrepreneurial and management experience. He’s a creative problem solver, a skill he puts into practice daily as regional oversight for CRF’s maintenance teams. When something needs fixed, call Rex. He’ll know what to do.

    • Angie Boltz
      Angie Boltz Compliance Director

      Angie joined the CRF after many successful years with the Gene Glick company. Managing compliance for an affordable portfolio of this size is not for the faint of heart, but Angie continually proves her ability to keep everyone’s ducks in a row. Nothing gets by her.

    • Jennifer Smith
      Jennifer Smith Office Manager

      Jennifer is someone everyone wants on their team. She’s a passionate, organized, strategic thinker who brings creative ideas to every project she approaches. Plus she makes coffee better than your local barista.

    • Darren Cooper
      Darren Cooper Communications Director

      After spending years on the creative staffs at multiple churches and even starting a business of his own, Darren joined the CRF team to help with marketing and communications within the company. He also plays the guitar better than you.

    • Donna Vivace
      Donna Vivace Controller

      Donna brings a wealth of accounting experience to the CRF team. She’s a dedicated worker who loves to keep everything balanced. Which is perfect for a controller. She’s also a seasoned black belt so don’t mess with her.

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