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2015 Christmas Party - Community Reinvestment Foundation

It’s that time of year again and annual CRF Christmas Party has come and gone. This year, much like every year, we had an absolute BLAST!! From getting to know some fun facts about each other while playing a crazy game of Mingle Mingle, to enjoying some live Christmas music, and who could forget the cut throat gingerbread house contest. Man what a great day we had!!


To kick off the day we played a game called Mingle Mingle. This is a simple game where you go around the room and try to find someone who has done (or hasn’t done) what is on the sheet. For example, “is left handed” was one of the options, so we had to find someone in the room who was left handed. Another example is “wears socks to bed”, once we found this person we simply asked them…WHY?!! (haha) 

From there we enjoyed some live music from Aaron and Emily Pelsue. Aaron and Emily joined us last year for the first time and we knew right away that we had to have them back. They get us in the Christmas spirit!!

Once we were in the Christmas spirit the real reason we have our party each year began. The gingerbread house contest! This is quickly becoming our favorite (and most competitive) part of the party. We had teams bringing in custom lights for their house and others who built a full on winter wonderland for their house to sit on. It was intense, but it was a blast!

In the afternoon we learned about how to deal with our emotions from Gretchen Schott of TrueU, one of our amazing business partners and friends.

We ended the day with a little trivia to see how everyone was on their Christmas knowledge. Then we heard from our fearless leaders Erik and Dave Cooper.

What a wonderful Christmas party and what wonderful employee’s we have here at CRF. We are blessed!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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