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2016 CRF Kings Island Picnic - Community Reinvestment Foundation

2016 Kings Island Company Picnic

You could already hear the screams of the brave Banshee riders as you approached the gate. The smell of fresh funnel cake and LaRosa’s Pizza was filling the air. It was that time of year again. The CRF company picnic was upon us.

Because CRF is spread out all over Indiana we try and make it a point to get together a couple of times a year. Once for our annual Christmas party and the other for our company picnic. The past few years, we have all met at Kings Island in hopes of letting out our inner twelve-year-old for a while. After spending some time making ourselves sick, we all get together for a picnic.

We always love this event because it not only allows us to see everyone all at once, but it also allows us to meet with friends and family members throughout the whole company.

We almost couldn’t fit everyone in the picture.


To those of you who call CRF home. Thanks for all that you do. We appreciate and love you all so much. We hope you had as much fun at Kings Island as those “dabbing” in the front row of this picture did.

Here’s to next year.

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