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A Nice Surprise - Community Reinvestment Foundation


On December 13th our residence at Country View Apartments and Providence Place of Blooming were treated to a very nice surprise. Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, a church just down the road from the properties, had spent the last six weeks collecting groceries, coats, and toys for the residents. The congregation didn’t know exactly who these gifts were going to when they started, but they gave and gave knowing that it would be a blessing to someone in their community.

During their morning services on the 13th, Pastor David Wigington announced that they would be meeting that afternoon to pass out all of the items they had collected over the past six weeks. He told them where it all was going and everyone was so excited to bless those who were so close in their community.


All of our residence were so excited to have someone come and invest in their community as well. Every bag of groceries was met with a surprised look of gratitude and many hugs were given and received.

Each household that had young children were given a ticket to come to the toy table and pick something out. You should have seen the excitement on the little ones faces as they lined up to collect their prizes. I believe we can all say that the Christmas spirit was fully present and soaring that day.

In fact, a few days later Pastor Wigington received a letter from one of the residents at Country View expressing their gratitude. Here is what it said.

“Hi! I live at Country View apartments and I wanted to thank you guys for the bag of food and the Life Book, you guys were the answers to my prayers. I recently had to quit my job because my health is getting bad and can no longer work and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for food and the bills this month, but you guys were the answer to my prayer.Thank you so much for helping others out. You guys are a blessing. Thank you again and God Bless.”

We love our residence here at CRF, but we really love it when we see the local community come out and support those who live on our properties. We are so thankful for the staff and congregation at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, we can’t thank them enough for what they invested into Country View and Providence Place of Bloomington. What a story!

Merry Christmas Everyone.

P.S. You can see more pictures of the day on our Facebook Page.

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