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Community Life at Cloverleaf - Community Reinvestment Foundation

CRF and Community Life

After 7 months of searching high and low for the right candidate, we are please to announce that Community Life has tapped Derek and Taria Slack to become the first CL coordinators on a CRF property. The Slacks have two young children and a third on the way, and I truly believe they are going to be an incredible asset to the Cloverleaf community!

For those of you who may not know, Community Life is a program built around fostering relationships in apartment communities. The Slacks will be moving into a 3-bedroom unit on-site for the express purpose of building “cultures of kinship by helping residents engage personal interests and skills that connect them to their neighbors and environment.”

They don’t start their new adventure until October 1, but here’s a short email I got from Derek about a pop-in they did at Cloverleaf last week:

“We did go by the complex and look around and even met some youth that were playing and surveyed them about activities in which they may be interested. We stayed about an hour and looked around the entire complex thinking up ideas for the coming months. The grounds are beautiful and offer many opportunities for what we have in mind!”

We’re incredibly excited about this Community Life “experiment” and will keep you posted on its progress over the next year.

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