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CRF Day of Service 2015 - Community Reinvestment Foundation

CRF Day of Service 2015

This year we wanted to get the entire CRF family together and do a service day. Some may ask why, and that’s ok, for us it’s all about three things…

  1. Be Together
  2. Train Together
  3. Serve Together

CRF day of service

We truly believe that taking the time to do these three simple things it is an investment in making CRF a better place to work. Most days we find ourselves in tunnel vision only focusing what’s in our world, but we gain perspective when we stop and take the time to look beyond ourselves and serve one another.

We had a great day!

We spent the morning telling our personal stories to one another, as well as answering fun questions like what super power we would choose and what our first job was. After that we heard the story of CRF from the beginning from our President, David Cooper.

Lunch was then served.

It was Chic-Fil-A.

It was good!

Then we spent the afternoon planting flowers, painting, fixing AC units, and many other odd jobs around one of our own properties, County View Apartments. It was a great day getting everyone together, rolling up our sleeves, and serving one another.

Now we can’t wait for Service Day 2016!!

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