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Giving Back When and Where We Can - Community Reinvestment Foundation

This week we had the pleasure of gathering together all of our employees for a company-wide service day. We grabbed our shovels, rakes, and wheelbarrows and headed over to IPS School #96. Some of the basics needed to be done; mulch laid out, fresh paint, minor clean up. But the most exciting (and the most unique) task we had to tackle was building a labyrinth.

If you are like any of us you need to be educated on what a labyrinth is too… Basically, it’s a walking path/maze used to help bring peace and serenity to those going through. At first, we weren’t really sure why this was so important to put in at a school, but when the assistant principal told us the reason and it quickly became the best part of the day.

She told us that education isn’t just about reading, writing, and math anymore. It’s about emotional health and helping the kids (who often experience some kind of trauma in their day to day lives) come to a place where they can actually begin to learn. When a student is having a bad day or has an outburst in class the teacher can take the student for a walk in the labyrinth until they are ready and able to move forward.

This was eye-opening for us and we were thrilled that we could play a small part in these kid’s lives. What an amazing day!!


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