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It's That Time of Year...Tax Season - Community Reinvestment Foundation

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Tax Assistance

We’ve all been there. Standing with our fingers crossed hoping we haven’t missed anything on our taxes. Did we fill out the sections correctly? Were we supposed to claim all of that? Do we really owe that much? 

It can cause a lot of anxiety unless the right people are around to help us. 

That’s why the staff at Providence Place of Marion decided to do something about that fear.  They teamed up with a tax expert, Elizabeth Jeffries, to walk alongside any of the residents who needed assistance with their taxes.  

“It’s a free service that is well received by the residents,” said Ruth Ann Barnes, Property Manager. 

We are so thankful for Elizabeth and the staff at Providence Place of Marion for their continued support and service to the residents. Help with your taxes might seem like a small act, but it goes a long way for the residents. Excellent service is something we want to be all about.

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