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New Director of Operations - Community Reinvestment Foundation

We have an exciting change to announce as we launch into 2017. A few months ago we were able to hire Joseph Johnson as part of our regional management team.  But, effective January 1, Joseph is going to be stepping into a new role as Executive Director of Operations for us here at CRF. His duties will include executive oversight of our management, maintenance, and compliance staff company-wide. Joseph brings three decades of housing experience to our company, as well as a high level of leadership ability. We are excited about his expanding role and believe it will help strengthen our team as a whole.

Here are some fun facts about Joseph.

1. Where did you grow up?   

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois – AKA Chi Town – AKA Ill Town – AKA the Windy City    

2. How long have you lived in Indianapolis? 

Since March 2016 

3. What do you love most about your career?   

An individual’s home is such a special place.  If I can help make that place better, safer, cleaner, and more stable, for the segment of our population that are less likely to have access to good, safe, clean and stable “homes”, then I have truly contributed something of real value, on a personal level to a large number of people.       

4. Tell us one thing on your bucket list? 

To return to Japan, this time as a civilian.  

5. What’s your favorite music group or artist? 

Since I’m moody I really don’t have a favorite.  My mood kind of dictates what I listen to.  If I’m alone and cooking or cleaning I like classical music.  If I’m on the highway I like Hard Core Hip Hop and Rap.   If I’m working at my desk, the 80’s and 90’s melodic songstress like SADE and Phyllis Hyman are what I groove to.  Driving through the cornfields of the mid-west, country music.  Drinking beer with my one Metal Head friend, we rock Metal, Heavy Metal.   Thinking about home and family, it’s the 70’s music, soft rock, and R & B.  I appreciate all music, it can make me happy or sad depends on me.

Congratulations Joseph!!

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