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Providence Place of Marion Food Pantry now has a FREEZER! - Community Reinvestment Foundation

It all began at Christmas time in 2014 during a canned food drive for the Salvation Army.  Our Service Coordinator, Paige Warran, realized that many of her residents were going to the Salvation Army for help!   The Food Pantry at Providence Place of Marion started collecting food items for residents in need.  Paige has done more than collect donations though.  During the Polar Vortex last year, she made up 12 bags for shut-ins and distributed them so the residents would not have to worry about getting groceries in the bad weather.

“I did a lot of research on food insecurities and really had no idea how prevalent it was.  We all know a lot of seniors do not like to ask for help, but they trust me and I think it is easier for them to come to my office than to go elsewhere.” – Paige Warran

The pantry shelves stay well stocked all year long and recently Paige was able to add a freezer to the pantry for perishable food items and meats.  She reports “it’s already almost full” with 6 pounds of pork carnitas, 7 bags of meatloaf slices and 84 pork cutlets.

What a great benefit for the residents of Providence Place of Marion!  Thank you, Paige, for all you do!  No food insecurities here!



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