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Top Pick on ApartmentRatings.com - Community Reinvestment Foundation

In the housing industry, it is often easy to overlook the good that is done each and every day. We get caught up in what needs fixed or how we can market our property just a little bit better. Then every once in awhile, something comes along and reminds us of the progress we have made and the good we have done. 

That is exactly what happened to one of our properties here at CRF this week. Beech Grove Village (on the south side of Indy) received word that they were chosen by aparmentratings.com as one of their top picks of 2014! This was no simple task as only 6% of the communities on aparmentratings.com achieve this award.

The wonderful Beech Grove Village team is made up of:ApartmentRatings_Square_400X400_2014

Heather Ball

Pam Peach 

Deanna Neel

Mark Delucio

Kevin Fleming

Billie Snell


We are so proud of Beech Grove Village and all the hard work that Heather and her team put in each and every day.

Way to go Beech Grove Village Team!!

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