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We Love Our Service Coordinators - Community Reinvestment Foundation

The Service Coordinator’s primary goal is to link residents who are frail or at-risk to community services that will enable them to continue to live independently. The Service Coordinator works to empower the resident to care for themselves, to age in place, to participate fully in a thriving community and to enrich their personal lives through wellness and education programs.

Brenda, Tasha and Paige are all using their unique creative skills to provide needed resources and opportunities for residents to socialize while maintaining social distancing…here’s how:

We are currently working on the development of on-line training/engagement opportunities for residents to participate in creative programming via zoom meetings.   We are coordinating with Ivy Tech Fine Arts department to provide a program in the fall with Brenda’s property. This is a program through the Indianapolis ‘Spirit and Place’ celebration. Art students will teach resident participants how to make a selected art piece. The residents will then be videotaped talking about their experience and how it relates to their own childhood. Since it is necessary to do Spirit and Place in a virtual format, the residents’ videos will be part of the virtual platform. In addition, for all three locations, we are working on a program that will teach quilt making. For both programs, supplies will be sent to the participants at the properties.

Thank you, Brenda, Tasha and Paige for your creativity in finding ways to build relationships with our residents!

Paige Warran, Providence Place of Marion

Natasha Hurst, Providence Place of Bloomington

Brenda Burton, Farrell-Bell Senior Housing

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