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Where Does Your Money Go | CRF, Inc.

Money and finance is one of the toughest topics to discuss no matter who you are. There are so many ways to look at it that often we give up, instead of stepping into the dialog. Although, every once in a while someone begins the conversation and begins to help us simplify everything.

Kenwood EventKenwood Place Apartments, here in Indianapolis, recently had a “Where does your money go?” workshop presented by the Purdue University Extension program. This program was set up to provide educational opportunities for Indiana communities. They partnered with Kenwood Place to help their residents take control of their finances.

They truly provide practical solutions to real issues and we really like having them around.

Here at CRF we have spent the past two-plus decades, purchasing, remodeling, and building over 2,200 affordable apartment units across Indiana and Ohio. Those efforts have resulted in the preservation and provision of affordable housing for thousands who need it. It also gives us an opportunity to offer classes so we can make sure that our residents not only have a great place to stay, but also have a place to learn and grow as a person.

We truly believe that it can change someones life, and we are okay with that!

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