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Wii Tournament at Farrell-Bell Apartments - Community Reinvestment Foundation

Farrell-Bell, Wii, Games, Fun, CRFWii Tournament and So Much More…

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Well, the team at Farell-Bell, one of our senior living communities, sure doesn’t mind it. Recently they have put together a bi-weekly Wii (video game) tournament for their residents. From bowling, baseball, to hula-hoop, each week is a fierce battle to see who makes it out the champion.

Alongside the tournament, we have partnered with Humana Insurance to offer health screenings, as well as to make sure all of our residents have and understand their health coverage. Also, the Indianapolis Public (mobile) Library makes its way around to provide residents access to their services.

So maybe you can say it’s a little more than just some friendly competition, but we love being able to help those living at Farrell-Bell have some fun while making sure they are taken care of all at the same time.


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